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​We offer a free consultation to answer any questions you might have and to explain the program more in depth.

All training and packages from Hodous Hunting Dog
Training includes training for the owner as well. The owner of the dog will be informed on what commands are used with the dog. Owners are welcome to schedule a training session to attend with their dog once the dog is ready. Owners will be provided with a checklist of skills worked on each week and which ones are accomplished. We believe collaboration between owner, trainer, and dog is the key to a successful hunting dog.
If your dog is in need of specialized training or other accommodations please contact us to arrange a unique package or training for you and your dog!

​Hodous Hunting Dog Training is here to help you shape your new puppy or dog into everything you need and want in a hunting partner.

​We have sessions for duck hunting, pheasant hunting, and other specialized training as requested. The dogs we train will get experience in a household environment as well as real hunting environments.

​We start a typical dog around 6-9 months old depending on the temperament of the dog. We will partner with you to create a custom plan to teach your dog the desired skills and to achieve the goals you set.

We offer day sessions, weekend sessions, packages, and the option for the dog to stay with us to finish the entire course. We also offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced training for each dog.

Puppy Package-$250/per month. *Mileage charges may apply for pick up option
This package is perfect for your new puppy! We suggest that a dog is started with this package between 4-6 months old. The puppy will be taught basic obedience as well as being exposed to the hunting atmosphere. Necessary hunting skills will begin to be taught.

​Beginner Package-$350/per month. *Mileage charges may apply for pick up option
We recommend that any dog using this package is at least 6 months old. The dog will be exposed to hunting environments, strengthening basic skills necessary for the hunt, and gain experience to decoys, birds, scents, and more! This will give your dog the foundation needed to begin to become your hunting partner.

​Advanced Package-$450/per month. *Mileage charges may apply for pick up option.
Dog will be worked with 6 days per week. This package is for a dog that already has mastered their foundational skills. They will be worked with to solidify all skills and be taught advanced skills such as hand signals and multiple/more complex retrieves.

Obedience training- $150/per month.
This package does not include work with hunting skills. This is for owners that want obedience training only.

These options are our standard packages. Customized packages are available for individuals. We try to work with our customers to make this process the most convenient for them. We create an individual training plan based on each dog.

We also have options for individual sessions. Please email or call for additional information.


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